Nursery Class

We are blessed to be able to make you feel comfortable leaving your children with us so you can concentrate on lessons during your own class. We sing and read books about Jesus to all the babies while playing games and sometimes just holding them. We know this age group is very young and don’t understand everything we do, but we want them to hear the name “JESUS” as many times as possible. This class is provided for children from infants through age 3.

Preschool Class (3 yrs old to 5 yrs old)

We have so much fun learning about Jesus! We would love to have the chance to work with your child! Please join us! This class is for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Each Sunday, the children listen to a Bible Story that is assigned through current Sunday school materials. The children are engaged in creative activities to emphasize the story covered that day. On special occasions and holidays, crafts are done for fun! We usually give the kids a little “free time” for the children to interact with each other as well.

1st – 3rd Grade Class
This class is for 1st through 3rd grade students. Your child will learn about Creation, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as well as many other wonderful lessons from the Bible. Each week a new Bible lesson is taught and we have activities to reinforce the lesson. Our goal is to teach kids that God loves them and died for their sins. A variety of activities are used to reach our goal. Kids are taught the make up of the Bible, how to find verses, memorize verses, how to pray and are encouraged to read the scripture daily.

4th and 6th Grade Class

The goal of this class is to grow and learn together and share the love of Jesus. Each Sunday the students talk about whom they are talking to about Jesus and ways in which they can share with more people. The students are very open and always willing to share their weekly experiences. We learn about Bible truths and find out how to follow God’s word by studying the examples of Jesus. We help prepare elementary students for the challenges of middle school by reinforcing that God is always with us. We discuss real life issues and how we can make a positive difference in our community.

Children’s Church – (4yrs to 3 grade)

This ministry takes place during the Sunday morning worship hour. Children are taught that the Bible is one story. It is the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. The focus is not on what the Bible says about us. Instead, we see what the Bible teaches about God and what He has done for us. The whole grand narrative of scripture is taught over a three-year plan of study known as the “Gospel Project.” There are many activities used to reinforce the message each week, with some even taking home things for the parents to use in continuing to reinforce the message learned during Children’s Church at home.