At North Brook Baptist Church we take Jesus’ command to “make disciples” seriously. There are several levels for adult discipleship at North Brook Baptist Church. We believe a person moves from beginning stages of hearing the gospel of Jesus towards growing throughout all of life in a process of sanctification until Jesus returns.

The first level is the preaching message during the worship service. Our pastor preaches verse by verse through Scripture passages every service. This level teaches, equips and challenges a person to spiritual growth.

The second level is traditional Sunday School classes. These classes work through Lifeway’s Explore the Bible curriculum. Each class has regular mission’s projects, times of fellowship, and CARE ministry. There are three these classes with adult pupils ranging from 45-65 and one of these is a ladies only class. Also, we offer all ages of children’s Sunday School classes. (see children’s link)

Also, at the second level of discipleship, North Brook Baptist offers Life Groups. These groups are focused on building community. The pupils in these groups study the Bible together, serve in community projects together, encourage one another, fellowship together and have a mild sense of accountability within the group. These groups meet during the same time as the traditional Sunday School classes at 9:45.

The third level of discipleship is being in a Disciple group (D-group). These groups are closed groups. Once a year invitation to study in a D-group are offered out by others who have been through twelve to eighteen months with another D-group. These groups are no less than three and no more than five people in a group. They are gender specific, males with males and females with females. These groups study a Bible reading plan. They journal throughout the week on their studies. They memorize Scripture together. They pray together and hold one another accountable to what God is teaching them as they grow in sanctification and in sharing the good news with others. These groups meet weekly at different times and different places.